Industrial gearboxes are tough components that operate at high speeds and often under extreme temperatures and pressure. ISOMAG’s magnetic-face bearing seals protect and extend the life of gearboxes by creating a positive seal that eliminates contamination ingress and prevents the lubrication problems that account for a large percentage of gearbox failures.

Going beyond lip seals

The standard seal for gearboxes is currently the lip seal, which uses the host equipment shaft as the primary sealing surface and leads directly to wear and tear. ISOMAG bearing seals rotate with the shaft to avoid metal-to-metal contact — providing a true long-term solution and significant upgrade.

With ISOMAG gearbox seal solutions, the shaft and gearbox assembly maintain their prescribed lubricant levels, which helps reduce equipment failure, lengthen the time between maintenance, and extend the life of the gearbox and shaft.Learn more about how our products compare to lip seals.

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Performance with common lubrication types

ISOMAG magnetic bearing seals work in both grease and oil, both common to electric motor applications. Check out our comparison chart to see how ISOMAG performs against lip seals and labyrinth isolators in various conditions and lubrication systems. ISOMAG seals help prevent gearbox oil leaks in all types of scenarios and conditions, including oil-flooded, oil mist, static, dynamic applications and more.

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ISOMAG helps companies across many industries protect the integrity and performance of their gearboxes. Gearbox seal failure can result in catastrophic equipment malfunction, increased maintenance costs, extended unplanned downtime, and safety risks for equipment operators and maintenance personnel. A tight, reliable gearbox shaft seal designed to be resistant to wear and tear is a key factor in keeping equipment in good working condition. Other gearbox seals must be replaced every few months, whereas ISOMAG seals can extend bearing life up to 75,000 hours — reducing maintenance and inventory costs and increasing uptime for your operations. Read about how ISOMAG helpedBOB(中国)综合体育App下载 from cooling tower gearbox input shaft seals.

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