Isomag Corporation's Response to COVID-19


ISOMAG cares seriously for the health and safety of our employees, customers, vendors and associates. I wanted to assure all of you we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it develops and taking precautions per state and federal recommendations.

As a provider of infrastructure products, we fully understand the importance of keeping these products and services available, so we are open and fully serving our customers. This includes, order entry, engineering, production, shipping and receiving, which is operating on normal schedules. As a gulf coast company supplying the global market, we are prepared for essential and off-site operations in times of crisis. Below are some of the measures we have in place to continue serving our customers while also providing for the health and safety of our workforce:

1.操作s –ISOMAG is operating with a combination of on and off-site workers and with restrictions to visitors. We have proactively equipped a significant portion of our customer support and technical design staff with the ability to work from home offices. All operations will continue uninterrupted. Our production team is a concise group of solid American Citizens that are strong, capable, and intelligent. We have long since ramped up our sanitation practice and respectful gathering and greeting methods.

2.Technology –Certain ISOMAG employees have the ability to work remotely and are doing so, as required. We also have the capability to reach out to you, our customers and vendors via phone, tele-conferencing, and video conferencing. Our phone numbers and emails will continue to route you to your needed contact and our network and backup systems will continue to protect all transmissions and transactions.

3.Visitation –To aide in arresting the spread of Covid-19, all visits to our facilities by non-personnel have been temporarily suspended. This is not inclusive of daily deliveries and shipping pickups.

Time will continue to move us forward. We will come out the other side changed but stronger.

About Us

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