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ISOMAG magnetic-face bearing seals deliver distinct advantages over traditional lip seals and labyrinth isolators to prevent bearing oil leaks. Learn more about our bearing seal solutions to compare

All bearing seals are not the same —not by a longshot.Only ISOMAG delivers a long-term, liquid-tight seal without heat generation, equipment degradation, lubricant egress or contaminant ingress.For more than 25 years, we’ve continued to bring true innovation to the industry because we simply don’t accept the limitations of other bearing seals.

Wear and tear is preventable.

Lip seals use the equipment’s shaft as the primary sealing surface, causing wear to your host equipment. The average lip seal life cycle is 3-6 months, leading to frequent downtime and less MTBR (maintenance time between repair). ISOMAG’s O-ring driven sealing face rotates with the shaft — avoiding metal-to-metal contact, preserving shaft integrity and extending bearing life up to 75,000 hours.

Lubricant leakage is not a “given.”

Labyrinth isolators create a restrictive, close-clearance path that’s inherently vulnerable to contamination ingress and lubrication egress, leading to frequent and expensive oil changes and sacrificing the reliability of your equipment. ISOMAG’s precision-controlled, deep-channel oil groove retains and circulates bearing lubrication, preventing bearing lubrication leaks. Our positive seals are long-term and liquid-tight, whether it’s liquid lube, oil mist or grease.

We’re trusted across lubrication systems, operating conditions and equipment applications:

bob手机官网版轴承我solator Performance Comparison Lip Seal Labyrinth Isolator bob综合体育下载ios
Performs reliably in flooded oil level
Performs reliably in oil mist
Performs reliably in static and/or dynamic conditions
Provides a liquid-tight seal
Allows air molecules to egress
Causes no wear to any host equipment component surface
Performs reliably at or below operating bearing temperature
Performs reliably in vertical positions

Every day, ISOMAG helps companies throughout a wide variety of industries protect their valuable equipment.

Have a question about how our magnetic bearing seals compare to lip seals and labyrinth isolators in additional conditions to prevent bearing oil contamination?


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Companies across the world rely on innovative ISOMAG magnetic-face positive seal bearing isolators to protect their investments.